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Can I Change My Accident Lawyer?

If you are involved in a negligent 18-wheeler accident or suffer a slip-and-fall injury at a local market, you need compensation to fund your recovery. Your claim should address every way the incident has affected your life. However, what happens when you are unsatisfied with your accident lawyer? Can you change them?

Can I Change My Accident Attorney?

According to the sixth amendment, you have the right to choose your legal representation. Therefore, you can change your lawyer if you think they are not valuable to your case or do not put in the effort required. However, there is a procedure on how to go about this.

For example, if the claim for compensation has already been filed, the court requires you to file a substitution of counsel motion to notify it you have a new legal team. The court can decide to accept or deny your request. It might decide to deny your request if it believes you are filling the motion to delay the proceedings.

Another reason that can cause your application to be rejected is if your lawyer has a conflict of interest. For example, the lawyer can not represent your case while at the same time be representing the insurance company you have taken to court.

Reasons to Change an Accident Attorney

You can change your accident lawyer for a wide range of reasons, such as when the lawyer keeps ignoring your calls and emails. You can also change your legal counsel if you feel they have no clear strategy on how they will win your case. Other reasons that might make you change your attorney include:

  • Poor communication from the lawyer
  • Personal conflict
  • Excessive lawyer fees
  • Poor working relationship with the lawyer
  • Questionable legal ethics

What to Do Before Hiring Another Accident Attorney

Once you change your lawyer, you need to ensure the new lawyer will deliver on your case. It is for this reason why we encourage you not to hesitate to ask questions. For example, you can ask whether they have handled similar cases like yours and how many years of experience they have.

You can tell how a law firm treats its clients by hearing how the receptionist talks to other clients. If the tone is professional, then the firm values its clients. Another question you can ask the lawyer is how much your case is worth and whether it is advisable to settle early.

Before you change your lawyer, have your next lawyer already selected. This is to prevent your case from being delayed or dismissed because of missed deadlines. The new lawyer will prepare a document called “consent to change attorney.”

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