Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After a motorcycle collision, you’re probably seriously injured and facing mountains of medical debt and lost income—not to mention all the other losses. Make sure you get treated fairly by the insurance companies by working with a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Any traffic accident carries a significant risk of injury and trauma, but this is especially so with motorcycle wrecks. Due to their lack of both safety features and an enclosing frame, bikers are at substantially higher risk of suffering serious injuries—even death—during a crash. Having a motorcycle wreck attorney on your side can help you in the event of an accident.

It’s important that you get fully compensated for your losses and damages after a motorcycle collision, but this is often easier said than done. Many bikers find the insurance company that is supposed to provide their payout instead actively works against them, only paying the bare minimum.

If this is your situation, a motorcycle accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can be a powerful asset in achieving your goal of a comprehensive settlement. Our firm is well-aware of the tactics used by insurers, and we can keep them honest and prevent you from being taken advantage of.

The Insurance Company Won’t Be on Your Side After a Motorcycle Wreck

It’s unfortunate, but injured motorcyclists are often shocked to discover that insurance companies and their attorneys are willing to make use of stereotypes that say motorcycle riders are all reckless motorists who are usually at fault for any accident they’re involved in. This is simply not true, as most of these collisions are caused by other drivers who fail to notice the motorcycle’s smaller frame.

By building a compelling case that corroborates your version of events, your lawyer can put this myth to rest. This also places you in a negotiating position of strength, which gives you an increased chance at settling your personal injury claim out of court.

Even if the insurance doesn’t try to blame you for the motorbike wreck, it doesn’t mean that they’re working for your best interests. Insurers are in business to make money, and this means paying out as little as possible to settle claims. They might make a settlement offer that sounds good but that actually fails to cover all of your damages. A lowball settlement like this could leave you paying for crash-related expenses out of your own finances years down the road.

Proving Who’s at Fault in a Motorcycle Collision

Building a case that proves you’re not at fault means proving who is—and how. By investigating and examining all of the available evidence, a motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm can attend to this task on your behalf.

It’s entirely possible that multiple parties are partially responsible, and it will be necessary to identify and name them all in your claim. These parties might be other drivers, but it’s also possible for external third parties, such as businesses and government entities, to be at fault. Multiple contributing factors could have been involved in the lead-up to your crash, and we’ll need to consider them all:

  • Distracted driving, especially involving cell phone use, is quickly becoming a major cause of motorcycle wrecks in Boca Raton and across the state of Florida. When a distracted driver has caused your injuries and suffering, you deserve to be compensated. Additional examples of distracted driving include eating, drinking, talking, and fiddling with the radio dial.
  • Intoxicated driving, involving either drugs or alcohol, is dangerous for all drivers on the roads, not just motorcyclists. However, bikers are at a greater risk of injury and death when they’re involved in a crash. A drunk driver can be held accountable in both criminal and civil court. We can help with the civil part.
  • Reckless driving, usually involving speeding or improper lane changes, can lead to devastating injuries for motorcyclists in Boca Raton. Reckless driving is a decision that another driver made, and that person needs to be taught that decisions have consequences. You can hold the driver accountable by filing a personal injury claim against him or her.
  • Defective parts and tires are known to lead to accidents involving motorcycles, and when this issue caused your crash, you can sue the manufacturer of the defective parts. Manufacturers must be held accountable for negligence so they don’t continue to produce subpar products that could lead to injuries for others down the road.
  • Dangerous road conditions, with potholes and uneven lanes being especially risky for bikers, are the responsibility of the government. The government can be liable for injuries, as well, and you have every right to sue an agency if it caused your injuries and damages. Keep in mind that there are caps on how much you can receive in a claim involving the government.

Assessing Your Motorcycle Injuries

While proving who was at fault allows you to receive the largest settlement possible, your total damages and losses are what determine what the dollar amount should be. While they aren’t the only factor, the specific nature and severity of your injuries will account for a large portion of this sum.

The more serious and disabling the injury, the longer the recovery time and the more extensive the medical care that will be necessary. In the event that your crash injuries lead to a permanent disability, you’ll need to be compensated for the trauma of this change and for the special accommodations and adjustments you’ll need to make.

These are some of the most common injuries that your motorcycle accident lawyer will have experience litigating claims for:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries Head injuries are extremely serious and can lead to extensive damages for the victims. In some cases, your head injury may keep you from being able to return to work. Head trauma can cause cognitive issues, problems with balance, memory loss, and many other issues.
  • Spine and Neck Injuries Spine and neck injuries can cause devastating losses, with the more serious injuries causing total or partial paralysis. Your entire life could be changed because of these types of injuries, creating a need for caregiving assistance, home repairs (such as adding wheelchair access), and you may never be able to work again. You will need to be compensated for these substantial losses.
  • Broken and Fractured Bones – Many people don’t realize how serious bone injuries are, but they can change your life forever. The more serious breaks may never fully heal, leading to permanent disability. If your broken bone affects your mobility, working may be out of the question.
  • Internal Bleeding and Organ Damage – Internal bleeding and damage to organs can have drastic impacts on your health. In some cases, the loss of or damage to an organ could be so severe that it will shorten your life or affect your overall quality of life. You need compensation for all the ways your injuries have impacted you.
  • Face and Eye Injuries – While riding around Boca Raton you could sustain a facial injury in a motorcycle crash, and it can be extremely traumatizing. Eye injuries may affect you forever. Your losses are great if you’ve suffered a face or eye injury, and fair compensation may make it possible for you to live with these serious injuries.
  • Amputations – The loss of a limb is a catastrophic injury, and it will do more than just affect your mobility—it could impact your emotional wellbeing, you could suffer debilitating pain, and you may never be able to engage in activities you once enjoyed. Compensation is the only way to pay you back for the suffering you’ve faced.
  • Wrongful Death The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience made worse by the fact that your loved one might still be alive if not for the negligent party who caused the death. You and your family deserve to be compensated for your loss, and you can hold those responsible to account by working with an attorney.

Collect Full Compensation for Your Motorcycle Accident Losses

There’s a lot at stake during the negotiations to settle your Boca Raton motorcycle wreck case. The insurance company won’t want to pay more than it absolutely has to, and accepting an offer that’s less than what you deserve could devastate you financially in the future.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can make certain that all of your financial losses and non-economic damages are included in your demand for compensation.

Financial losses include any and all expenses that came directly from your pocket because of your accident. Non-economic damages are the losses you’ve faced because of your motorcycle crash that are not tied to a monetary value. For example, the physical pain and mental anguish this accident has caused you is considered a non-economic loss.

The following are some common damages in injury claims related to motorcycle accidents:

  • Medical Bills – Both your current and estimated future expenses need to be included, and they should cover everything from surgeries to checkups, medications to mobility equipment.
  • Lost Income – When your crash injuries make it impossible to work, you deserve to have the lost income compensated. This should also include any lost earning potential if you’ve suffered a permanent disability.
  • Home Renovations – If your motorcycle crash resulted in a paralyzing spine injury, an amputation, or something similarly life-changing, you might need to renovate your home to accommodate the new disability.
  • Motorcycle Repair or Replacement – In all likelihood, your bike suffered as much damage as you did, and it needs to be fully restored.
  • Pain and Suffering – Whether you experience severe physical pain or mental anguish, you should receive money as compensation for it.
  • Loss of Consortium – Disfiguring or disabling crash injuries might cost you companionship or strain your marriage, which should be factored into your settlement.
  • Lost Enjoyment of Life – If you simply don’t enjoy life like you did prior to the crash, it should be compensated, as well.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Your lawyer will be available to address all of your concerns and questions. There are a few questions we hear on a regular basis, however, so we’ve provided answers to these in the section below.

How do I get compensated when my passenger caused my motorcycle crash?

If your passenger was at fault, then he or she can be named in your personal injury claim just like anyone else. Of course, this person is likely a friend or family member, which can make things difficult on a personal level. It’s best to let your attorney act as a go-between in these situations.

How will not wearing a helmet affect the settlement for my motorcycle accident?

If you suffered head, brain, or face injuries that could have been prevented or reduced by a helmet, you’ll likely be responsible for a percentage of the fault. This will reduce your potential settlement, but as long as someone else was responsible for causing the wreck, you’ll still be able to seek compensation.

Who’s responsible when a defective motorcycle part caused me to wreck?

It depends on what caused the part to malfunction. If it was poorly designed or there was a manufacturing flaw, the company that made the part will likely be responsible. If the part was installed incorrectly or despite the flaw, the mechanic or shop that worked on your bike could be at fault.

Should I speak with the insurance companies if they call me?

It’s usually best to leave communications with insurance companies to your motorcycle crash attorney. Insurers will attempt all kinds of tricks to reduce the overall value of your claim. For example, they will try to record your statements to use against you later.

Speak with a Motorcycle Crash Attorney

You don’t have to let the insurance companies play games with your rights after getting injured in a motorcycle wreck. But filing an injury claim for a serious motorcycle crash is hard work, and it would be extremely difficult for you to secure a successful claim resolution on your own. The good news is you don’t have to do this alone.

Work with the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, and get the full settlement that you are owed. To schedule a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer, just complete the contact form on this page or give our office a call at 561-659-6366.