Boca Raton Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Cerebral palsy can affect a baby throughout his or her entire life. If this suffering is the result of a medical provider’s negligence, a Boca Raton cerebral palsy attorney can help you seek fair compensation.

The birth of a baby is usually a joyful time, but when something goes wrong, it can be devastating. Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious effects of birth injuries, and the majority of cases happen before or during birth. While many of these cases are birth defects, your child could be a victim of medical malpractice.

If you believe your child’s cerebral palsy might have developed because of improper treatment by your doctor, you deserve the compensation to give your child the help he or she needs. Call a Boca Raton cerebral palsy lawyer today for the guidance you need for your case.

Assessing Fault for Birth Injuries in Boca Raton

Determining whether a condition like cerebral palsy is a matter of a birth defect or a birth injury can be difficult, as certain unavoidable conditions can arise during birth. Birth injuries, however, are typically caused by a few common factors.

First, the doctor might have failed to assess the situation correctly or ignored prenatal conditions, such as hypertension. The improper use of medical devices is often a common cause of birth injuries—tools like forceps can cause serious trauma to the baby and lead to lasting conditions like cerebral palsy.

In some situations, you could also see a birth injury from a medication prescribed by the doctor that injured the baby before birth. In these cases, you could also take legal action against the manufacturer of the drug.

Your child’s health could be profoundly affected by a doctor’s negligence. Assessing the cause of your child’s condition is the first step toward fair compensation and justice. A cerebral palsy lawyer in Boca Raton can help.

Compensation for You and Your Child

Once you have made certain that your child’s cerebral palsy was a birth injury, usually through an examination of the situation by another medical professional, you can then determine the value of your claim for compensation.

Florida’s laws on malpractice and birth injuries state that compensation should be awarded to the parents of children who meet the specifications of a birth injury. In these cases, you can expect to see compensation for your child’s cerebral palsy.

Your claim’s value should reflect the damages from the issues your child has suffered as a result of cerebral palsy, but this does not mean only current medical expenses. Here are just a few damages for which you and your child could be compensated:

  • Future medical expenses
  • Accommodations to help care for your child
  • Physical and mental therapy
  • Reduced quality of life

Reach Out to a Boca Raton Cerebral Palsy Attorney

If your child has cerebral palsy because of the negligence of a healthcare provider, you and your child should receive compensation. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo are ready to help you with your case as you pursue fair compensation.

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