Boca Raton Child Injury Lawyer

Did someone else’s negligence cause harm to your child? Speaking with a Boca Raton child injury attorney can help you obtain compensation for your damages. 

No parent ever wants to imagine their child suffering from any harm. Whether physically or emotionally, no child deserves to suffer at the hands of an irresponsible adult. But what are your child’s options if they’re the victim of a careless or even abusive adult? How can they recover from their damages, and what steps should you take after discovering their injuries? 

Reaching out to a Boca Raton child injury lawyer can help your child get compensation for their damages

Who Is At Fault for Your Child’s Injuries in Boca Raton?

When you drop your child off at school, you expect that the faculty and staff will monitor them. From the classroom to the playground and everywhere in between, it’s the responsibility of the adults to keep your child out of harm’s way. From stopping them from playing in traffic to keeping them safe from strangers, teachers and staff members should protect your child at all times.

Similarly, if your child visits a dentist or doctor, they should never experience any form of medical malpractice. Their experience with a physician or other healthcare provider should always be a professional and safe one. For example, if a dentist cuts your child’s gums or mouth through negligence, they could be liable for causing harm to your child.

Daycares, babysitters, and generally anyone else you entrust your child in Boca Raton may be liable for your child’s injuries when they happen on their watch. Naturally, these individuals should prevent your child from doing dangerous actions such as playing with fire and climbing to high places. They should also properly feed and take care of your child to prevent malnourishment

Individuals who intentionally harm your child are especially liable for your child’s injuries. Physical, verbal, and sexual abuse toward your child are actions for which you can hold an individual accountable in the Boca Raton legal system. 

Actions to Take after Discovering Your Child’s Injuries in Boca Raton

Immediately after discovering your child’s injuries, you should always contact the police, when needed, and take your child to their doctor or the nearest hospital. The next thing you should do is find out who is responsible for your child’s injuries and determine how their actions caused harm to your child.

Although your emotions may run high as a parent, your main goal should be gathering information after discovering your child’s injuries. Taking photos and videos of your child’s injuries, along with speaking to any witnesses, are useful actions you can do that can benefit your child’s Boca Raton injury claim.

Recovering Damages in a Boca Raton Child Injury Claim

Your child can experience a variety of damages through the negligent actions of an adult. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand how these damages can impact your child. Pain and suffering, for example, is a damage type that includes both the physical and emotional trauma that your child may have endured. 

For instance, if your child received emotional abuse from their teacher, filing for pain and suffering damages in your injury claim can allow them the chance to receive compensation for their emotional damages. 

Your child can also receive compensation for their medical bills, property damage, and more, depending on their situation. Speaking with a child injury lawyer in Boca Raton can help you understand the amount of compensation your child could receive for their injuries and related damages. 

Consult a Boca Raton Child Injury Attorney 

The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo understands how precious your child is to you. Although you may do everything in your power to protect them, sometimes there are reckless and cruel individuals who can harm your child. 

But your child does not deserve to suffer because of negligence. Calling a Boca Raton child injury lawyer from our office can help you begin the process of filing an injury claim on behalf of your child. You can call us at 561-659-6366 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.