Boca Raton Uber Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been seriously injured in a rideshare crash, a Boca Raton Uber wreck attorney is here to help.

With the increased popularity of ridesharing companies like Uber, the question of who is at fault in accidents involving these companies has begun to pop up in Boca Raton. If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident involving an Uber driver, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages.

Anytime you aren’t responsible for your injuries, you shouldn’t have to pay for them. If you have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance benefits in Florida, your own insurance will cover your injuries in the event of an accident—but what if your damages are greater than your PIP policy allows for?

That’s when you need to call a Boca Raton Uber accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo. We’re familiar with all types of car crash cases, even those involving rideshare companies. We know how to navigate Florida’s no-fault system to get you the compensation you truly need after you’ve been injured.

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

Many Floridians believe that only their own insurance pays for injuries after an accident in this no-fault state, but there are always exceptions. Those exceptions include serious-injury accidents that leave you with damages greater than the average car wreck.

By their very nature, catastrophic injuries are going to be expensive. You may spend a great deal of time in the hospital, you may require costly surgeries, and you could need months of physical therapy after your accident. All of that medical care costs money, but if you weren’t responsible for the Uber crash, you shouldn’t pay the expenses.

When your own insurance won’t cover the full extent of your medical care, your case could be taken out of Florida’s no-fault system. Serious injuries that could qualify include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Severe burns
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Organ damage

Compensation for Your Boca Raton Uber Wreck

Your Uber attorney in Boca Raton can help you understand whether your circumstances qualify you to file a personal injury claim. If you do qualify, you can name several parties in your claim to get the compensation you need to pay for your injuries and other damages.

Potential at-fault parties include the Uber driver, Uber itself, another driver involved in the crash, the manufacturer of a defective car part, or the government agency responsible for maintaining safe roads.

The following are some of the damages that can be added to your claim, depending on the circumstances of your Boca Raton Uber crash:

  • Emotional trauma, such as post-traumatic stress
  • Your medical expenses and future healthcare costs
  • Your lost wages from work
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

Call Your Boca Raton Uber Crash Attorney

After an Uber accident injures you, your physical and mental suffering may leave you with damages that will require monetary compensation in order for you to move on with your life. By calling an Uber wreck attorney, you will give yourself a good chance of securing a better future.

A Boca Raton Uber accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo is prepared to help you. Call us at 561-659-6366 for your free, no-obligation consultation. You can also get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.