Boca Raton Seat Belt Injury Lawyer

In a car accident, your seat belt can be a blessing or a curse. If your seat belt harmed you in your auto crash, call a Boca Raton seat belt injury attorney.

Seat belts are life-savers meant to protect you from sudden stops while you’re on the road. Unfortunately, they don’t always keep motorists safe.

Whether it’s because of a defect or simply a powerful collision, seat belts may fail to protect you when you need them most. This can be painful and distressing, but with a Boca Raton seat belt injury lawyer on your side, you have a chance to get the justice you deserve.

Seat belt injuries are painful, and when the belt fails altogether, they can be deadly. When you have suffered because of your seat belt, it it may take a qualified and experienced attorney to win the compensation you need to recover.  

Who Is Liable for Your Damages?

One of the first roadblocks you may encounter when dealing with a seat belt injury in Boca Raton is liability. After your crash, the fault for these injuries can be attributed to a few different people.

In the case that your seat belt worked properly, the at-fault driver will likely be responsible for the injuries you suffered. While the seat belt might have caused the injuries, the seat belt also did its job—it kept your body in place to minimize the damage. In an especially serious crash, however, you can still be injured.

In other cases, your seat belt might have failed to help you. This might mean the belt didn’t lock during the crash, allowing your body to move more than it should have. Defective seat belts fall under the umbrella of product liability—meaning the party responsible for your injury may be the manufacturer. Your seat belt injury lawyer in Boca Raton can help you decide who to name in your claim.

What Injuries Can a Seat Belt Cause?

After determining fault, you’ll also need to determine the severity of your injuries and the amount of compensation you will need to get your life back. While Florida’s “no-fault” laws mean that the insurance companies should pay for your injuries regardless of fault, a serious injury may simply require more than insurers offer. Between mounting bills and your pain and suffering, you may need more help.

Seat belts can cause painful, long-lasting injuries even if they do function properly. You could at the very least experience severe bruising on your abdomen and chest, if not further damage because of the collision. Seat belts may also not protect you from whiplash, even though they may lessen the severity of it.

If the seat belt doesn’t lock, however, your injuries could be dire. Without the belt to hold you in place, you’ll likely suffer a traumatic brain injury if your head hits the dash or a window. Internal bleeding and organ damage are also common when seat belts fail to function.  

Talk to a Boca Raton Seat Belt Injury Attorney

When your injuries go beyond the crash and are caused by your safety devices, you need a closer look at who’s responsible and what you can do about it. Our firm understands that, and we know you deserve maximum compensation for the pain and expenses of your seat belt injury.

At the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, you’ll get personalized help investigating your seat belt injury as you pursue compensation. Because the fault could lie with different people, you may need help identifying your defendant and getting the compensation you’re owed.

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