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Dangerous Roads in Florida

Dangerous Roads in Florida

Posted on: 11/14/2019

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, with countless gorgeous beaches. With warm weather and an inviting sense of fun, it's no wonder why many Americans and other visitors gravitate toward Florida. However, like any other state, not all things are perfect in the Sunshine State. There are particular Florida roads that have a notorious reputation of having a large number of car accidents.  You'll never be able to control the actions of other drivers, but there is always an opportunity for you to anticipate and predict which roads are more dangerous than others. To avoid experiencing a devastating car accident [...] read more

Car Accident in West Palm Beach: Three Reasons to Call a Lawyer

Car Accident in West Palm Beach: Three Reasons to Call a Lawyer

Posted on: 10/22/2019

West Palm Beach is a congested area in Florida because tourists visit year-round for the warm weather. Larger cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami are also close by and cause traffic congestion. Car accidents can happen frequently in West Palm Beach because of negligent drivers who speed, drive under the influence, change lanes suddenly or improperly, and text behind the wheel.  If you’ve been injured in a West Palm Beach car accident, you may need a lawyer to assist you with obtaining a settlement. At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, we’re familiar with Florida’s laws regarding insurance and car wrecks. A West Palm Beach car accident lawyer from our team can negotiate on your behalf and maximize your claim in court. If Your Personal Injury Protection Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Damages Florida is a no-fault insurance state, which means you must go through your [...] read more

Can a Passenger Sue for a Car Accident in Florida?

Posted on: 09/13/2019

When you ride in a vehicle with someone else, you likely don’t expect to be injured in a car wreck. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, you must determine whom to sue for any damages you suffer. If you don’t file a claim to recover compensation after your collision, you can end up paying significant medical expenses on your own. Car accident lawsuits filed by passengers can get complex because you may need to recover compensation from multiple parties. If you’re trying to navigate the legal process, an experienced West Palm Beach car accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can support you along the way. Hopefully, once you prove negligence and receive the settlement you deserve, you can recover quickly and without added financial strain. Drivers Assume Responsibili [...] read more

Timeline of a Florida Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted on: 08/09/2019

Florida differs from many other states when it comes to car accident lawsuits. Because of the state’s no-fault insurance law, restrictions are placed on when you can sue the negligent party after a car accident. Because of this law, the timeline for car accident lawsuits is more complex. Understanding the laws and knowing how to handle a wreck when it happens can be useful. If you’ve already been injured in a wreck, our team at The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo is here to help. We’ve handled many car accident lawsuits in Florida and can provide guidance on how to recover a settlement from your insurance or advice on whe [...] read more

Common Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

Posted on: 05/22/2019

Imagine visiting the doctor and being told you have a serious illness. You begin expensive treatment for that illness only to later find out that you never had that illness to begin with. Now you’re told that you have an entirely different illness, and because it wasn’t treated right away, your health has deteriorated. This is a terrifying scenario, right? This example of a misdiagnosed illness is only one way that doctors can cause their patients injuries because they were being negligent. The doctor in the above example should have diagnosed the illness correctly the first time, and if they were unsure, they should have run more tests or consulted a colleague. So, what do you do if you’ve been harmed by a medical professional because of [...] read more