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Overview of Florida’s “Strict Liability” Dog Bite Law

Posted on: 10/24/2013

According to Florida Code § 767.04, "the owner of any dog that bites any person while such person is on or in a public place, or lawfully on or in a private place…is liable for damages suffered by persons bitten." Since this statute imposes strict liability upon dog owners, the victim of an attack would not need to prove that the dog had a tendency to act out violently and/or that the owner had knowledge of their dog's viciousness—as is required in states that do not impose "strict liability." Rather, it must only be proven that a) the defendant is responsible for the dog, b) the plaintiff was attacked or bitten by the dog and c) the plaintiff's injuries were sustained in the attack. While there are few exceptions to statutory liability in dog bite cases, the plaintiff may be barred from seeking compensation if one or more of the following is true: The victim heavily provoked the dog [...] read more

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Posted on: 05/20/2013

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 14% of all car accidents in the United States are caused by an uninsured motorist—which may have something to do with the fact that 16.1% of all drivers in the country are uninsured. This does not even account for the countless other drivers who are underinsured, so the personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. encourages you to learn more about the importance of acquiring an adequate level of uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. In the past month alone, our firm has represented two clients who were catastrophically injured by uninsured drivers. Neither had UM or UIM coverage, which can make it particularly difficult to recover compensation. Although Florida law does not require drivers to purchase this form of insurance, you must keep in mind that there is an extremely high number of uninsured motorists in the state. UM and UIM coverage was designed to protect you from sign [...] read more