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Attorney Casey D. Shomo Obtains $1 Million Settlement

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In 2009, John Doe was involved in an accident on his way home from work. At the time, he was employed in the food and grocery retail industry and membership warehouse industry. After years of hard work and quality job performance, he had finally been promoted to a managerial position in the food department. On one fateful night in January, however, his life was changed forever. Mr. Doe had been riding his motorcycle in Palm Beach County when he was struck by a government vehicle. He was only seconds away from his home. The two drivers had been passing through an intersection, and the government vehicle carelessly failed to yield to Mr. Doe’s right-of-way.

The vehicle proceeded to drive directly into Mr. Doe’s path, striking the left side of his motorcycle. Since he was subsequently ejected from the bike, the injuries that he sustained were catastrophic in nature. Not only did he suffer lacerations and abrasions over a substantial portion of his body, but he also sustained injuries to his lower legs, left ankle, right knee, shoulder, neck and back. The medical treatment that he received was extensive, including conservative care measures, pain management therapy and multiple surgeries for the damage that was done to his neck and back. For this reason, he made the wise decision to enlist the help our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer.

Since the defendant had been driving a government vehicle at the time of the collision, this case was brought to federal court under the Federal Tort Claims Act. After years of complex and technical litigation with a vigorous denial of liability by the defendant, Attorney Casey Shomo retained the assistance of qualified experts. Through their help, and the help of his team, Mr. Shomo was able to obtain a seven figure settlement on behalf of John Doe—which was, more specifically, $1,025,000. Our firm was also able help Mr. Doe with all matters pertaining to post-accident disability coverage and health care coverage. Because of this, we could not be happier with the outcome of this case.

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