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Oct. 10, 2017 , by admin

By declining to take up the appeal of a recent Florida court decision, the US Supreme Court has let stand a ruling that strengthens patient access to important medical information. The move has been seen as a victory for transparency in healthcare outcomes, as well as affirmation that Florida state laws that provide superior rights to citizens are not trumped by less protective federal legislation.
Records in Malpractice Case at Issue
The ...

Car Autopilot Restrictions Proposed

Sep. 9, 2017 , by admin

After a thorough investigation of a Florida crash that killed a Tesla driver, the National Transportation Safety Board has concluded that the car’s Autopilot feature contributed to the crash. The Board found that Tesla’s design itself was part of the problem, allowing the driver to use it in unsafe ways.

The NTSB has also recommended that features like Tesla’s Autopilot and similar systems be modified to prevent their use on partic...

The Dangerous Intersections of Palm Beach

Aug. 8, 2017 , by admin

If you spend time in Palm Beach County—as a motorist, a cyclist, or a pedestrian—you’re aware of how dangerous some local roads can be. But are particular stretches of road or specific intersections more dangerous than others? Some local institutions have taken a look at the data and concluded that certain streets are, in fact, riskier.
Most Accident-Prone
A couple of years ago, the Palm Beach Post analyzed traffic data collected by ...